Supporting our society and everyday life, 
through low-cost production of a wide variety of materials for industries, ranging from   
iron & steel to electronic components for hybrid vehicles and cosmetics.
Quality of MZK
Quality level of global standards achieved for the benefit of the people, the society and the environments

Not being satisfied to meet market requirements alone, Mizushima Ferroalloy
(MZK) continues its efforts to open up doorway to new businesses, and to lead
the world with accumulated technologies and high level of quality.
Ferromanganese production MZK has been engaged since its establishment,
and manufacture of fine ceramics started since 1994. Through these two core
businesses, MZK will steadily supprt industries and the economy, to aim a
corporation full of pride and dreams, and to create an affluent future.

About ferromanganese
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BN Boron Nitride
BN Leaf Powder (R) for cosmetics
Boron nitride for electronic parts
Boron nitride for special industrial applications Mizushima Ferroalloy Co., Ltd.
Corporate brochure 
MZK brochure is 
available in PDF format.
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